5 Moments That You Should Change Your Write Language!

Today is so superb weekend because I don’t have any work to finish then I can enjoy my quality alone time in my favourite wifi room that called my bed and I was looking at my lovely WordPress, what I thought was here.

So before I share my opinion, I want to ask you a question for you came from as similar as my country about what do you think when you are from minority language country where English isn’t the main language then you want to show your activity, culture and your favourite food with your own language? it wouldn’t interest enough, isn’t it?
yes, I’m from the country is part of south Asian where English isn’t the main language.

So here I’d like to share my opinion about why we should use English in our content write about.

1. When you start to having built relation with foreign.



First superb thing is you will growth your reader,
now, let me back to my post used ‘Bahasa’. I’ve been written about many moments in my life like, when I was telling about my sweet moment with my foreign friends then when I was working with the superb community in Malang, where I study, but there is still any obstacle for my friends who are from foreign country if they want to know about my activity then my amazing moment when I was working with, studying as well as I do.

so I think this time for you and me to change the written language that you used before

2. When you have a dream to work in the international Organization.


I have a dream to go to study abroad someday, even its just internship for a month, or perhaps one first period it doesn’t matter.
but what the best is at least, you have tried to change yourself
now it’s time for me and you to learn and study how to good write in English. Now it’s time for you to try to change your write in English

3. When you admitted that you extremely love English.


in this time, we should take our commitment when we said that we really love English. i know some people has different ability particular in English, like speaking, listening, writing and reading but as long as possible you should try to learn something new. Love its mean we care, we have a positive goal or purpose then we should ask to yourself that did you still love English even though it will be hard and harder? if your answer is yes, I want you to reflect and prove it.

4. When you have journalism passion!


in this case, perhaps I should tell you that I’m not a good writer but I like to learn something new and my major is communication so in this moment I’ve to try write then I can enjoy this progress like how to make a good news?, what is multimedia journalism? fortunately now it at people has passion in write particularly my friend who has magnificent journalism technic and practice so I can learn with him.

5. When you want to have new perspective from your content


In this moment id like to share something interesting, cause like I said before that if you didn’t move to English wrote you cant growth your audiences but its not about how many person will show your content but how they can also give you a new perspective on your content then you have new idea again to develop your content itself

Thank you! I’m Abdul Latif Thaleb 23, From Indonesia.

you can comment if you have a perspective about this write below.
nice to see you!


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