My personal story : The most gratitude moment when nobody cares.

Qur’an Al- Baqarah 2:286

Mostly everyone thinks that new life begins after you graduated from university. they say ” congratulation! for your graduation, welcome to the real life !”, your certain life has begun.” you will think about future immediately, about your future job, your dreams and absolutely your future wife or husband. *for you who want to have a baby.

 Here I don’t want to describe your life or my life after graduation, it’s just  the earliest opening story but it still connects with the main story.

Yesterday I got a message from my friend who has the same group of mine. He sends me an opportunity job it seemed utterly bright future so I decided to take these an opportunity. I looked at that information and as usually as we see a company need some compulsory recruitment such as Nation Identity Card, English Certificate, and some others things. Eventually, I find out my cv and some others things for them.

Then, Oh god! No!.” I said

I lost my national identity card and ATM I felt disappointing. Perhaps it was over react but I just want to tell you that I had been lost my  National Identity Card (NIC) for twice last two years ago and I don’t want it to happen again cause it’s too complicated have business with the government in this country. By the way  almost 10.45 PM I got little bit frustration cause I was trying to find out my NIC around my room cause it was part of requirements. I looked at my desk, I saw a piece of paper, ruler, and many stuff.

I try to keep my self-resilient with this situation, while I talked with my foreign friend on skype. Finally, I let this issue flow where it would go. I slept overnight with badly heart felling. One again I don’t even know where this come from but, I had to dream that found NIC and ATM. What a dam*! I hate but it must be done.

On the morning, after accompanied my sister went to school I came back to home and suddenly I forgot my issue till one notified from my blackberry had appeared and they came on my mind again, and I remember that my NIC and ATM has found so I was pleasing. One reason again that remain me of been sad was those just a dream. lol and dam* at the same time.

I believe that they (NIC and ATM) still exist, impossible for lost again. I absolutely  remember that I’m still saving those things. sometimes nobody will care about you when you got an issue. It’s okay cause we can’t always depending on another person, then I know that the God it still exists. Lastly, I decided to let my heart flow with resilient react, I believe and I pray. I want to know what should I do after this cause I definitely believe that The God will never give us an issue which we can through this problem.

Am May I happy right now? Yes.

The tremendous serendipity was coming after I resilient, pray and authentic communication.
when I would go somewhere, I palpated on my table and I found a small notebook with less opened, you know what happen? My NIC and ATM inside that book. I can’t describe how lucky am I ? after I found that stuff. By the way here just my personal story and hopefully you can get what I got from this a few story. Just believe that God will always with you when you remember him.

Thank you!



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