Become An Amateur Labor in a Small Local Organization.

 After more less four months for being a job seeker in my hometown, I didn’t realize that I would get a job here. An old village where hasn’t no life, far from citizen life. I don’t know how to communicate with locals, and every single day I have to struggle to met people that I didn’t recognize or even understand about my new tasks.

Yes, now I’m working in a small company at Kasembon, East Java Indonesia.

However, my amateur Javanese helps me to understand them. At least I’ve two good things, first is I reside with my family and the second thing is I got my own freedom here.

As staff in an old cooperative utterly developing my soft skills and hard skill, when the first time I came here I can’t use excel, I got full of stress and frequently I thought that life was pressing me. Once time I went warehouse to control Katul ( A farm food usually for calf or dairy cows) cause there were some coolie (an unskilled native laborer in India, China, and some other Asian countries) oftentimes, they looked like so frightening, they has big muscle, and absolutely terrifying faces then  stand and asked me to count all of the sacks, you know what happen in those time?

Beads of sweat appear in my eyebrow, I got nervous then I couldn’t concern on my task. Tried to count many times and pretend to keep calm but the result isn’t same as theirs. It was none and I didn’t even know what should I did. Finally, I failed to count all of them, I just trust their truth and pretend that it was clear. That was awful. Pressure and awkward were good for me, they helped to develop my soft skills thatIi couldn’t get when I was in collage. Honestly, I’d like to work from the bottom, need more suffer and attempt of every obstacle to find the truth of labor world, before I get a better job.

Actually, here just a small cooperative if I compare with some cooperatives where has relative large business as well as others. Despite that, We built a relationship with one of the biggest company in the world it called ‘Nestle’. They buy fresh milk directly from our farmer, we have more than four hundred farmers who distribute milk every day. We follow The one of the biggest food company in the world. DeLaval

DeLaval’s Guide Book.


Hopefully, I could develop as well as possible. I want to explore more here, want to more communicate with locals, create something valuable for them and love my new habits.


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