My Personal Story : A Virus from Quora and Medium.

I’m not sure enough, how long I consider making this story. I present this story to all my foreign friends.

Last time, I’ve joined in a writer community on Facebook with others writers around the world. It makes me continually enjoy the writing’s delicious taste. Especially in telling a story. I wish we’ll always keep and sharing as long as possible while we walk to our goals.

There are exciting stories every I visit those websites, such Quora and Medium. There is a bunch worth information available inside them. We again face people in the unique background, as ethnic group, religion or even don’t have religion. Attempt answer every single question, giving comments to others opposites. Then I realise everyday I pass is a worth day.

At the time we know how to accept diversity. Sometimes I can’t accept a whole of diversity, there (Quora). They are Quorans ( Members who have registered in quora) has several ethics to argue with others. They are intelligent, respectful and good manner. You can ask more intent about the topic you disagree, give a truth to support your argue. One thing that makes me more proud is the wisdom.

There are many details I can’t share, not because difficult but I’m not sure an article enough. It gives you positives impact, by instantly or not.

I learn how to write a story, giving a message in a properly way. All this isn’t instantly like how we cook noodle. Everything needs a process instead cook a noodle, doesn’t it?. At least I keep following them every day. I have been following quora since four months ago after I got a wonderful first impression. It started when I went to a question from an unknown member who asked about a politic phenomenon; the question wrote like this:

How can Donal Trump win the election of US president 2016?

Actually, there are many good answers but A College student from the US gave impress an answer to me. Sorry, I didn’t screen shot or save the link but overall the answer gave me a sense of the trump’s voters came from a place that didn’t get longer attention from Clinton’s party campaign. They came from the traditional community who work in the village as a farmer and as a traditional market labour.

I don’t want to argue about that, here merely a reason for the first impression. Why was it wonderful? Cause I didn’t find easily about that explanation. Then I have a suggestion to all of you who read this article. Please don’t follow the news from our mainstream media which is too complicated to follow their politic agendas. It would increasingly your stress, depressed, and meaningless day. Go to Quora, read the wonderful answers from worldwide top writer and less your anxiety every day.

Be positive, be more solve than less reaction.

The second, I call its medium the website which has tonnes of positive contents to improve your personal value.  One of my favourite articles is this. As Y generation I’m hungry of creations. Read and Writing is my way to express my thinking and feeling at the same time. Everybody want to success but just a few person take action to reach the goals.

Becoming the best is about never being satisfied with what you’ve done. It’s about continually improving who you are.


Thank you for reading!

If you think this story is valuable, feel free to comment, like, or share.


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